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Hot Rails posts

External resources

  • Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development – the government home-page for high-speed rail (the 2013 AECOM report can be found here)
  • Earth to moon in 8 years, Melbourne to Brisbane in 45 – a response to the government study by CO2-reduction think-tank Beyond Zero Emissions. Includes a link to their study (prepared in cooperation with the German Aerospace Centre) that proposes a cheaper system through more sensible route selection, and a much faster construction timeline.
  • Repository of Ideas – a look back on the VFT proposal from the late 1980s.
  • High-speed rail in Australia – a fairly comprehensive Wikipedia article detailing the history of high-speed rail in this country
  • Australian High Speed Vehicle – a concept for high-speed rail in Australia by international architecture firm HASSELL, with a few design nods to classic high-powered Holdens. The “future network” linking to Tasmania and Papua New Guinea strikes the author as somewhat implausible, but an interesting and compelling vision nonetheless.

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